Kristi Kelty grew up in Mill Valley, California, where she sang in a trio with sisters at various community events. She began writing songs and guitar instrumentals as a teenager, and sang at the Lion's Share in Sausalito, CA and in Yosemite, while still in her teens.  She started composing orchestral themes using a synthesizer and piano after experiencing a brain hemorrhage in her 30's. In 2015 she was added to Dr. Darold Treffert's Registry of Acquired Savants/Accidental Genius.  Her music has evolved over the years, influenced by notables such as James Horner, Hans Zimmer, Aaron Copland and John Williams. 

She has a grown son, Matt, who is a mechanical engineer, and writes songs in his spare time. She currently resides in Oregon where she spends time composing music in a home studio.  Her primary areas of focus continue to be music production, advocacy for various social issues, and health promotion via "Edu-Tainment."