California Coastline

"I have respectfully requested the leaders of the California National Party to remove my anthem, "California Anthem," from their Facebook page. They probably were not aware of the ramifications of posting to a political group page without obtaining permission first from the author/composer. While I appreciate very much their request to make the "California Anthem" their new state song, I am not able to give permission to post my composition on their website, Facebook page, or in any of their promotional materials.
Anyone can request to sing the anthem, but that is not the issue. The issue is that this anthem's intent, and the spirit in which it was written--was not to represent one party over another, but to celebrate ALL the people of the State of California. (Many people around the world suggested that it should be the new State Anthem for CA.....) I would like to see it become the state anthem; not representing one political party, or one group of people."                              Kristi Kelty, 11/14/16

"I grew up on Mount Tamalpais; the trails, the creeks, the early morning fog.....for all of this I am so thankful....."

KDK, 2008

California Anthem California Anthem
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"California Anthem" 

Copyright 2001 Kristi Kelty

"Well the seasons come and the seasons go,

Nothing ever stays the same......

There's one thing I know that will never change;

That's the love of the land from which I came.

California, California

With the waves upon your shoreline,

Will you call me home when my life is done,

To rest in your hills so fine....

From your rocky shore

To your forests green,

To your valleys deep and wide,

There's a light I see on the faces there,

And a spirit you just can't hide.


Many years have passed since I roamed the hills

In the golden glow of sunlight,

As the darkness falls all around me now,

I love you with all my might!


I Love you with all my heart!"